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Important Information

How To Prepare for Cleaning

One time cleaning – If you are having a one-time visit or deep cleaning from Mother Earth Cleaners, clear off surfaces such as tables and countertops. Pick up any items from the floor, such as clothing, children’s and pets toys. Clean up any clutter. If you have a large amount of children’s toys in the bathroom, remove them or put them in a container. The more access our team has to clean your surfaces, the more they’ll be able to do for you during your cleaning visit.

Recurring cleaning – If you have Mother Earth Cleaners in your home on a routine basis, clear away any clutter. If you have a large amount of children’s toys in the bathroom, remove them or put them in a container. Pick up any items from the floor such as clothing, children’s and pets toys. Mother Earth cleaners will generally just clean around clutter on the floor.

For cabinet tops and tables, if the item generally lives there, then leave the item there. If the item is light enough, the cleaner will pick it up, wipe it off, clean the surface, and return the item to its original position. Otherwise, we will wipe the item in place, and the area around it. Please note that stand mixers, some coffee makers, toaster ovens, and microwaves are generally too heavy to move safely.

All cleanings – If there are several items (5 or more) on a table, dresser, or cabinet, the cleaning staff will clean open areas around these items.

NOTE: We do not clean inside of cabinets or sideboards. For bookshelves, we will dust any exposed areas.

If you would like a more detailed dusting of surfaces than is listed above, please contact our office to make these arrangements for your home.

Cancellations & Closure

Please give Mother Earth Cleaners as much advance notice as possible if you need to reschedule or skip a cleaning. We generally have a waiting list, and can fill your spot if we have enough notice.

If you need to cancel at the last minute (less than 24 hours), we realize that this is generally for an unforeseen reason, such as illness. We understand “life happens” and there is no penalty, as long as this is not a frequent occurrence. NOTE: If frequent last minute cancellations occur, may ask for a cleaning deposit.

Mother Earth Cleaners will close if City of Madison Schools close. We will take the responsibility of rescheduling any clients who are affected by the closure.

Mother Earth Cleaners is closed on these holidays: New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you have a cleaning scheduled on one of these days, we will take the responsibility of rescheduling your cleaning.


Tipping is common in the cleaning industry, but not “mandatory” such as in a restaurant or hair salon. If you choose to leave a tip for your cleaning team, it is very much appreciated. If you choose not to, that is perfectly fine as well. The best method of tipping is to leave cash with an obvious note or with your payment.

If You are Not Ready or Late to Start a Cleaning

If your team cannot enter your home upon their arrival because your are not yet ready to have them begin cleaning, or if they are waiting for your arrival to open your home, their time for waiting will be included in your cleaning time.

Cleaning Notifications & Email

You will receive an Advanced Notice email about a week before your cleaning, just reminding you of the date. If you wish to add or change services, or reschedule or you have a restriction as to the time of day we can come, this would be the time to tell us. You will then receive a Notice of Cleaning a day or two before your actually scheduled cleaning with the time of the cleaning.

We suggest that you add to your contacts so you will receive these messages. Otherwise they may be considered as spam.

If you are not routinely receiving these emails, please contact Mother Earth Cleaners to check the email we have on file for you.

If you have sent an email regarding scheduling or a question and have not received a response within 2 business days, please follow up. Most likely your email was not received.

Our email address is: for Tekla

Changes to your Scheduled Cleaning Arrival Time

We do list your scheduling preferences in our client database and try to accommodate those in our routine scheduling. However, though rare, there may be a last minute change to your scheduled cleaning arrival time due to a last minute cancellation of a client ahead of you. In this case, you will be notified of the updated arrival time. If you cannot have your team arrive earlier or later, then contact the office staff to work with you to reschedule your cleaning to another team or day. We do not have the resources to pay a cleaning team when they are not cleaning. You do have the option of paying the team to wait until your scheduled cleaning time should you choose to do so.

Safety & Security

During your cleaning, our staff will lock the doors to your home. Also, we will not let anyone else access your home during this period. We will not answer the door nor receive packages. Unless otherwise specified, we will lock the door and secure your home upon our departure.

Where is Mother Earth Cleaners

We have a “shop” in Madison, and the office staff work remotely from their homes. Since we are a green earth-friendly cleaning service, we like to operate our business as a green earth-friendly company. Therefore, we try to maintain the smallest footprint possible. We rent a small office on Madison’s East Side in a larger office building so that we share utilities, a conference room and bathrooms. With our office staff working remotely, we are not commuting to an office daily. Our business address post office box is in Beaver Dam, which is where Tekla, the owner, lives. And on nice days, she and her dogs walk the few blocks to the post office, just like in the “old days”.