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Green cleaning helps improve the health and welfare of people and the planet. We are chemical-free, eco-friendly home and business cleaners who use botanical and mineral products to clean your work and living spaces, as well as powerful technology, such as steam cleaning methods.Businesses and homes are two places in which we can drastically reduce the number of chemicals that we are exposed to.
Studies show that exposure to chemicals in the home likely contributes to an increase in a variety of diseases.Chemical-free, non-toxic cleaners provide clean, sanitized environments to promote good health. This is especially important to people who suffer from asthma, have chemical sensitivities, or other illnesses. One estimate suggests that 2%-10% of people may have some disruption in their lives because of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that about one-third of people working in sealed buildings claim to be sensitive to one or more common chemicals. Many of these chemicals are found in common industrial and household cleaners.Using natural, chemical-free cleaning products is not harmful to the environment.

Because our natural green organic cleaning approach works! We make living spaces healthier through our green cleaning practices while running a socially responsible local green business. Wherever possible, we choose products and services that leave a small ecological footprint.

To ensure green cleaning practices:  We rely on old-fashioned cleaning techniques combined with new technologies to guarantee a chemical-free cleaning experience.Use natural cleaning products such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, salt and distilled water. Eliminate needless paper waste in the cleaning process. Instead of paper towels we use color-coded microfiber cloths to clean surfaces and floors.Choose our equipment carefully, such as our HEPA vacuums, for optimum allergen elimination and to avoid spreading allergens from site to site. We use high-powered steam cleaners on floors and appliances as a non-toxic cleaning alternative to chemicals.
To attract top-notch Green Cleaning Experts:  We hire responsible, trustworthy people and provide a green cleaning training program focusing on best practices in green cleaning techniques as well as health and safety training. Pay a competitive wage with a generous bonus structure.
To support our local communities:  We run a green business to minimize waste and promote good health for people and the environment. Provide discounted rates to seniors, disabled people, immediate family of returning service personnel, and individuals with health issues exacerbated by cleaning products, or who have chemical sensitivities or physical limitations. We donate a percentage of profits to charities. Contact us if you are a local charitable organization and would like to partner with us.
To support the health of our planet Earth:  We follow a green business model. For example, we follow paperless business processes such as electronic billing and payment. We partner with green businesses whenever possible. Contact us if you are a local green business and would like to partner with us.

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