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Residential Cleaning Services

Choose Mother Earth Cleaners because our green cleaning services work! 
A 15-year study released by the Toronto Indoor Air Commission concluded that women who work in the home have a 54 percent higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside the home. The results pointed to cleaning chemicals as being largely responsible. Further research indicates that cancer rates have more than doubled in the last 40 years. In only 20 years, brain cancer has increased by 40 percent in children. Since 1982, there has been a 26 percent rise in breast cancer. Among other known causes, long lists of components found in cleaning chemicals are also being targeted as likely culprits. ~ 5th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate; Toronto, Canada.

Madison and Dane County's Green Cleaning Experts
We proudly provide eco-friendly green residential cleaning services to homes throughout Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin. We clean houses, condos, and apartments of various sizes with an environmental cleaning approach to keep you, your family and your pets as healthy as can be.

We Offer a Variety of Residential Cleaning Packages
     Home Cleaning Maintenance
     Party Preparation
     Party Cleanup
     Occasional Deep Cleaning:
          Bringing Home Baby Cleaning
          In-laws Visit Preparation Cleaning
          Move In/Out Cleaning
          Seasonal Cleaning

Please contact us for more information about these packages: 608-772-8100 or info@motherearthcleaners.com

The cost of each cleaning job varies. Our free estimate will take into consideration the cleaning package you are interested in, and the size and condition of your space. There is no obligation on your part to hire us and our estimate is free. Here are several cleaning scenarios to consider:

A Typical Household
Sean and Sarah have one son and a four-legged pet. They live in a three bedroom, one bathroom house. Both Sean and Sarah clean the house regularly, but they wanted a service to come in once a month to perform a detailed, thorough floor-to-ceiling cleaning. This type of planned service would only cost $150 to $180.

A Busy Household
Chris and Dawn have two school age children and live a spacious three bedroom, three bathroom house. Both Chris and Dawn work long hours and the children are active in after school activities, so neither had spare time to regularly clean and straighten up. After the initial cleaning, which generally ranges from $290 to $370, an every-other-week cleaning would only cost between $120 to $150.

An Empty Nester Household
Don and Beth have made it! The kids are gone, they retired, and have downsized into a condo. Even though they no longer work, both remain very active and still enjoy entertaining at their home. Therefore, Beth schedules pre-party cleanings to get the condo in shape. This is a floor-to-ceiling cleaning with special attention to the public places of the house and not the bedrooms. A typical pre-party cleaning like this is only $180 to $260.

Call 608-772-8100 or email us at estimate@motherearthcleaners.com

Choose Mother Earth Cleaners because our green cleaning services work! 
Show your employees and customers that their health and comfort are top priorities by providing them with a clean and chemical-free environment that we maintain for you. As a commercial client of ours, both you and your employees are eligible for a 10% discount on all personal residential cleanings.

Prove to your employees and customers that you are a socially responsible, eco-friendly, forward thinking business!

We offer a variety of eco-friendly green commercial cleaning services:
     Office Janitorial Maintenance
     Office Event Preparation
     Office Event Cleanup
     Occasional Office Deep Cleaning
     Office Move In/Out Cleaning
     Seasonal Office Cleaning
     Post-Remodel Office Cleaning

Please contact us for more information about these packages: 608-772-8100 or info@motherearthcleaners.com

We proudly provide eco-friendly green commercial cleaning services to businesses throughout Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin. We clean offices and businesses of various sizes with a chemical-free environmental cleaning approach to keep you and your employees as healthy as can be.

Small Office
Stephanie has a small web development firm, in one large room in an office building complex (600 sq. feet). She has 3 cubicles, a large meeting room, small lobby, and a receptionist. Her staff is very good about keeping their work area generally neat, but she would rather have her staff concentrating on their clients then vacuuming. She has Mother Earth Cleaners come in once week to do general office cleaning. ($55 - $75.00)

Medium Office
McCall Insurance Associates is a medium-size insurance office with its own men’s and women’s rooms, a kitchenette, a lobby, a reception area, and five offices with doors (1400 sq. feet). These are busy agents who are constantly coming and going and seeing clients in the office where coffee and cookies are a part of their concierge insurance service. Therefore, they want their offices in prime condition every day. We visit their office every week day for a light cleaning and a heavier cleaning every Friday night. The light cleaning includes straightening and steaming in common areas, vacuuming and floor cleaning, disinfecting common surfaces and emptying the trash. Friday’s heavy cleaning also includes steaming bathroom stalls, floors, mirrors, and other services, as well as deep cleaning of the kitchenette. ($250 - $300)

Dear Mother Earth Cleaners,

No one cleans as thoroughly as I do. Or so I thought until now. We hired you for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I want to let others know how impressed I am with the quality of your services. I have hired other cleaning services in the past, and from those experiences I concluded that no one cleans as well as I do, as I would always have to attend to details to finish the job after they left. 

I will admit that I was skeptical about how a steam cleaner alone, without any chemical cleaner, could cut through grease on the stove, and leave it shiny and without streaks. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. The only time the stove looked this clean and shiny was when it was brand new! 

Your steam cleaner cleaned into grimy crevices in seconds. There were areas of the stove that were so caked on that even a perfectionist such as myself couldn’t justify spending the time to clean. What took you 15 minutes would have taken me many painstaking hours. During our first cleaning with you, we received the equivalent of 20 hours of cleaning. That’s a bargain! My greatest compliment to you is that you clean better than I do!

K. Zylka

We won! 
Madison Magazine readers awarded us the bronze 
in Cleaning Services! We are thrilled to receive 
this recognition from our valued customers and thank 
you for choosing us to deliver happiness to your home!

own and operate an Adult Family Home in the Madison area, for that reason I decided to "go green". I let my other cleaning service go and I tried doing it myself, but wasn't having much luck with the products I found so I tried Mother Earth Cleaners. I'm now on a regular rotation and couldn't be happier! 

Two of the three ladies I care for have asthma and emphysema, and I've noticed that they are much more comfortable now. The families of the ladies I care for have noticed the difference too, the local family has even decided to try Mother Earth Cleaners. The Mother Earth Cleaners crew is very pleasant and efficient my ladies look forward to seeing them each week. My home is always looking and smelling wonderful, which is NOT an easy task with a dog, a cat and three elderly women. Having Mother Earth Cleaners in gives me more time to enjoy my ladies and my family. I highly recommend Mother Earth Cleaners!

Joane Kaney McCluskey

Angie's List Members...

Check out our great reviews through the past five years! We are Dane County's highest ranked cleaning service on Angie's List, an honor we are very proud of as it means we have met strict eligibility requirements including earning a minimum number of reports, an exemplary rating from their customers, and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines. In short, it's all about outstanding customer service.