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Our team members are Green Cleaning Experts. We hire top-notch people who have integrity and who truly like to clean. To deliver high-quality service to our customers, we thoroughly train our Green Cleaning Experts to seek the greenest cleaning method possible for each task at hand by carefully considering the type of dirt/grime to be cleaned, and the nature of the item itself.Follow a documented cleaning protocol personalized for your space so that if your regularly scheduled Green Cleaning Expert needs a replacement (with your permission) you will receive the same high-quality service your regular Green Cleaning Expert would provide.Clean your space with attention to detail and high respect for your property. Our Green Cleaning Experts know that all of your belongings are important to you, whether they be expensive, fragile, antique, sentimental, or practical. We guarantee that your property is in safe hands.

We go the extra mile to train our Green Cleaning Experts, for the safety of our team members and our clients. Besides thorough training in green cleaning practices, our health and safety protocols include proper cleaning postures and movements to minimize repetitive stress injuries common in the cleaning industry. Hygienic disinfecting, so as not to spread germs from room-to-room, or client-to-client. Cleaning materials are disinfected and prepared specially for each individual cleaning. Proper use of safety equipment, such as hearing and eye protection. Proper use of all mechanical equipment, such as steamers and vacuums.

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